TradeQwik is a robust next generation cryptocurrency exchange that acts as a cornerstone of the VIVAconomy. Not only does it provide current information about the value of VIVA Crowns and VIVA Coins, but offers users the unique ability to trade in realtime hundreds of vX financial instruments. These VIVA-backed instruments include fiat currencies (USD, MXN, EUR...) as well as all major cryptocurrencies.


POETS, an acronym for Proof of Educational Transcript System, is an exciting application for higher education. What differentiates POETS from other proposed blockchain-backed open course-ware initiatives is that all courses will be from accredited institutions. Additionally, a condition of institutional participation requires that credits be considered fungible between participating institutions. In short this means that students are allowed to cherry pick courses and instructors from a myriad of institutions taking only the very best, and most rigorous courses, then banking these credits over a lifetime. The student may “cash them in” when they feel they are degree ready and the issuing institution agrees.


MedicAxess is an application that will revolutionize the healthcare industry. Our goal is to have all medical records tied to the individual rather than scattered between medical clinics, hospitals, labs, and care providers. Individuals will be empowered to control who has access to their records when they seek medical care. A unique advantage of MedicAxess is that all medical providers will be allowed to store medical records safely on the network for free. There is only a small fee charged when retrieving records and this fee must be paid in VIVA, thereby setting up a way for people to offset their medical bills with VIVA earned by donating their computing resources to help others.

Galaxy Vault is the world's most crypto-friendly financial institution. Galaxy Vault is the primary interface between the VIVAconomy and the traditional economy. Users can store all types of currencies, both fiat and digital, in their GV accounts.

VIVA Cash is a peer to peer payment system that utilizes SMS text messaging instead of apps. We are in the process of obtaining money transfer licenses in place allowing our Network to take a slice of the trillion dollar remittance industry without over complicating it for new users. This solution is based on the fact that many people throughout the world do not have smart phones or reliable internet access, but they do have cellular service.


Votabit is a proposed standard for eVoting systems that harnesses the power of the Ultraledger blockchain technology. It allows for individuals to verify that their vote has been counted while at the same time it ensures strict voter anonymity.
As democracies become more and more dependent on technology it is essential that voting systems be reliable and tamperproof. 

VIVA Social Network

A fully functional social network with a human-centric focus. Unlike other blockchain-enabled social networks, the VIVA social network does not overly incentivize early adopters or founders. All participants earn VIVA Coins based on the upvotes they receive from other participants in the ecosphere.

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