What is a VIVA Crown?
And Why Do I Want One?

VIVA Crowns are Powerful Digital Assets

Each VIVA Crown is a software license that confers upon its owner the right to play a significant role within the VIVAconomy.

Only 42,000 VIVA Crowns will ever exist

During the launch of the VIVAconomy a limited edition of 6,500 VIVA Crowns will be created and sold. Afterwards, only 1 VIVA Crown will be created each week as part of the settlement procedure between mints. We believe they will become treasured financial assets.

The Right To Mint VIVA Coins

Every quarter each VIVA Crown Holder receives a Treasury Right for each Crown possessed. This TR allows the Crown Holder to mint VIVA Coins (the base currency in the VIVAconomy) based on the current demand. These rights can be sold to a mint if you so desire.

The Privilege of Granting Awards Rights

Every quarter an amount of VIVA Coins generated by transactions in the VIVAconomy is set aside for worthy causes. As a Crown Holder you have the right and privilege of naming a recipient.

Have a Powerful Voice Within The VIVAconomy

Each VIVA Crown Holder has one vote (regardless of the number of Crowns she may possess) in all of the important decisions that affect the VIVAconomy. No one has more influence.

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