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Human-centric Blockchain Technology

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“The power of the blockchain, properly harnessed, reduces the need for monolithic world wide financial institutions that currently consume over 18% of the world’s GDP. Instead of bitterly pitting two sides of an incomplete equation into a useless struggle, we need to reform the equation."
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Money is energy.

The more it moves, the more it benefits everyone.

VIVA & The Leaky Faucet

Every transaction that occurs in the traditional economy is like a leaky faucet. Money is lost, almost always into the deep pockets of a select few.

The VIVAconomy is different.

Instead of feeding hungry corporations, this energy reverts back to each and every participant in the economy.

Interested in an economy that believes in abundance? Read on.

Three Digital Currencies That Work in Harmony

VIVA Crowns

  • License to Operate Your Own VIVA Mint
  • Exclusive Voting Rights
  • Extremely Valuable

VIVA Coins

  • The base currency for all transactions within the VIVAconomy
  • Stabilized around peg

vX Instruments

  • Pegged to any asset (USD, EUR, BTC...)
  • Guaranteed by the network

The price of VIVA Coins oscillates around a central value within a pre-established range.

The VIVA Network achieves this by actively controlling the supply in circulation.

VIVA Crown Holders have chosen a peg value of 1 VIVA = $10 USD plus or minus 10%.

Benefits of Joining the VIVAconomy

For Entrepreneurs

If you have a passion for
changing the world,
there is no better way to find the resources you need
than by becoming a VIVA Crown Holder.

For Traders

What could be better than riding the waves of a market you know will never crash?
On Tradeqwik you can actively trade more than 1,000 cryptocurrencies.

For Everyone

Every participant within the VIVAconomy has two separate accounts: a current account and a VIP Retirement account. Watch your VIP grow!

Interested in becoming a
VIVA Crown Holder?

VIVA Ultraledger Blockchain Technology

The VIVA Project goes one step beyond traditional cryptocurrencies.

Building off of Hyperledger Fabric (funded by IBM and other industry leaders)
our multidimensional blockchain graph raises
the bar for blockchain technology.

Worker Node

Allows users to earn VIVA Coins by allowing the VIVA Computational Network to use their computer's unused resources.

Unlike outdated Proof of Work and Proof of Stake consensus algorithms,
our innovative concept of Proof of Authority does not depend
on energy consuming mining farms nor top-heavy stake holders
who dominate the ecosystem.


Allows VIVA Crown Holders to write to the VIVA Blockchain. Mints can create new VIVA Coins as long as the price is above the peg value.

Content Addressable Network

Allows users to securely store any type of data in a completely decentralized manner for free. The only cost is at the time of recovering the data.

VIVA: A Blockchain of Blockchains

The VIVA Network is designed as a multidimensional chain of blockchains.

We understand that forks are both necessary and inevitable,
and that's why our Proof of Authority consensus protocol
takes forks in stride.

The VIVAconomy Is Not Just an Idea.

It's real and operating in beta since May, 2017.

Over 1,100

# of Active Participants


# of Functioning VIVA Mints




Geographic Reach

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